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Application & Selection Process

Country 'CEOs for One Month'!

10 Finalists

Global 'CEO for One Month'!


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Your path to executive thought leadership

You’ve likely already experienced a leadership role in some capacity. From social to vocational, we adopt our leadership styles from an early age. The only question is: how will yours evolve?

The Adecco Group is built, driven, and shaped by a diverse array of leadership styles. Ben Conard, 2019 USA CEO for One Month, experienced this during his time in the programme, as we mentioned in Insights from the world’s top young executives. It’s our mission to empower future leaders, so we’d like to go deeper into this topic and help you on your journey.


Know your style

The corporate world is being transformed by the ambitious and creative minds of young people. When 5,000 Gen Z’ers were asked what skills they think CEOs will need in 2050 (#CtheFuture research), communication and creativity were rated among the most important.  On a practical level, this relates to leadership style.

There are roughly 10 leadership styles. What mix of visionary, coaching, transformational, or other styles do you currently have? Knowing this is as important as the mix you want to develop in the future. Once you can recognise your stylistic foundation via work-related examples, you can try to find organisations that compliment it. Plus, when a future employer asks why you think you’d be a great fit, this type of answer shows that you’re orientated towards leadership.


Choose your environment

Employers are now more receptive to the idea of younger people becoming business leaders. Young CEOs like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg helped to advance this movement, so it’s vital that you surround yourself with talented individuals.

Practicing how to be a leader can be complex. Unlike simulated environments (e.g. roleplays), your emotional system will not be stimulated in the same way as the real thing. Like your leadership style, you also need to choose a company culture that will help to develop it.

It will be trial and error in the beginning, but today’s young leaders know how to evaluate opportunities beyond initial benefits. The key question is: how is the organisation transforming? Questions like this will enable you to see the bigger picture and engage with employers on a deeper level.


Share your journey

“Everything I do does eventually have some impact, much greater, and much higher up in the chain than I may be able to see today.” – Sophia Lim, 2019 Global CEO for One Month.

Although Sophia was asked “What has changed about you, after having gone through the programme?” she already had the foundation of a progressive mindset when she applied, so she was able to capitalise on the opportunity. This is why it’s important to remember that the best leaders need future leaders, who can enable cooperative development.

You’ll stand out to hiring managers if you understand the innovative approaches to leadership which are shaping the world. Every CEO for One Month finalist has succeeded because they bring an energy to their interactions which is capable of inspiring the executives they learn from.


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