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ethics in the workplace

Why sticking to your values is beneficial for everyone in the workplace

Work out what your ethics in the workplace are and find out why they’re highly valued by employers.

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s normal for companies to invest efforts in defining a strong corporate identity. In today’s job market, the situation is set up like this: employers seek and recruit those candidates that best fit their profile, as this is a guarantee of mutual understanding and performance and, therefore, improves profitability and company image. However, identifying each person’s own values ​​to get the dream job is not a simple task. On the one hand, what makes us unique and on the other hand, being aware of what our work ethic is that defines those values. So, let’s take a look.


 By knowing our personal core values we influence the way we compare to the world, and therefore, at work!


Just that. Our values ​​represent us, they define who we are and what our personality is like, but recognizing and setting aside our personal values ​​is a challenge. Even so, it’s an essential point to your path to success, especially at work where remembering your values ​​allows you to set boundaries, as well as establish positive dynamics with yourself and others. For example, a person with strong values such as responsibility, loyalty, care, respect and camaraderie will be much more willing to choose those jobs that share these work ethics. So, knowing what our personal values ​​and attitudes in the workplace are not only makes you a very attractive candidate for companies, it also empowers you so that you can decide what type of company you want to work for. Being aware of your work ethic is a great opportunity to find a position that really fulfills you professionally, don’t you think?


So, how do you work out your values in the workplace? 


To find out what your values ​​are and apply them, especially in work environments, you must start by grabbing a pencil and paper. Breathe, close your eyes and think back to those situations you experienced over the last few years at university or at work that have really bothered you. For instance:


  • Was it “bad” feedback given by one of your colleagues? Then this could mean you’re someone who is and appreciates learning from constructive criticism.
  • Did it bother you that someone messed up your day-to-day dynamics? This may mean that you delegate your work, and that you need people to respect your space and value your autonomy.
  • Could you write a list with the reasons that you have ever been motivated or with your college friends? This will help you to find out what your priorities at work are as well.


This mini guide to know how to find out your personal values and define your work ethic is simply a rough outline on the subject. As we said before, knowing what bothers you and what doesn’t, and what you really value in work dynamics, also helps us build relationships with people based on respect for each other’s individuality, and because work dynamics are changeable, it’s everyone’s job to act so that work spaces are a beneficial place for everyone. Until next time!

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