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Unexpected benefits of teamwork in the workplace

Teamwork in the workplace generates excitement and company culture and so allows you to lead a project with great benefits for your company. Find out more here!  

What would Daenerys Targaryen have done without her dragons? Thinking only about our imagination, we already know the importance of teamwork in achieving our goals. Sticking to the labour market, teamwork brings great benefits that go beyond the resolution of tasks and are vital for the future of every company. Therefore, this must be one of the fundamental qualities of an effective leader.


Beyond productivity: some unexpected benefits of teamwork in the workplace that you have to know as a leader


Teamwork in the workplace is essential to carry out tasks in less time and with a considerable reduction of mistakes, something that is normal. If there are more thinking heads, there is more creativity, more innovation, more clarity and of course, more hands, which is translated into an increase in work performance.

However, we must not forget that teamwork starts from the idea that all members have a unique and important role. It’s like your smartphone: each piece is unique and necessary for global operation. Therefore, when working as a team, you are also working on the self-esteem of all members. If positive results are achieved, it’s to the credit of everyone.

When working on self-esteem, we must work on emotional connection, so the links established between the different members of the team and between the team and the company are much stronger. This method of building positive and emotional relationships within a company is called company culture and it has important benefits.

For example, a company with strong values and beliefs has all the markings of becoming a leader in its sector. So, it’s much more likely to attract talent – and retain it – because who doesn’t want to work with the best and, above all, work motivated? As they say, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Also, a solid company culture and motivated employees lead to an excellent service provided to customers, something that has a strong and positive impact on the profitability of the company.

Considering millennials prefer collaboration to competition, it seems that teamwork is the present and the future of each company’s organization. And, from what we’ve seen, that’s not a bad idea, is it?

But, do you want to know the best thing? The ‘CEO for One Month’ program of the Adecco Group has come back and you still have time to sign up. Even though a few countries are now closed to further applications, the majority still have the registration process open. In this program, you can learn everything about the benefits of leadership management and team organization from Alain Dehaze, Global CEO of the Adecco Group. Experience the benefits of teamwork within one of the leading HR companies in the world! So be quick, click here and participate in this work experience that can change your professional career forever. We’re really looking forward to meeting you in the next stage!

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