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things not to do at work

Some things to never say or do in work related situations

Rules are rules. Keep the following tips in mind to develop a winning attitude in the workplace.

No one is born knowing everything, that’s clear. However, we all know (or should know) that our attitude at work should not be the same as at it is home (well, unless you work from home, but that’s another story). At work, there are certain things that we should never do or say because it is a place shared by many individuals in which respect and mutual tolerance must prevail above everything else. Therefore, there are a few standards of behaviour that must be accepted to ensure the health of the company. In this article, we’re going to have a look at some of the things you should never do or say at work.


Things you should never do at work 


  • Complaining (all the time). At work, you should always express your opinion as long as you do it with respect and humility. But complaining constantly, is different. Working with colleagues who are complaining a lot is very hard to deal with and creates a negative and difficult work environment. Honestly, nobody wants to work with someone like that, so constant complaining is one of those attitudes at work that could cost you your job. If you think something isn’t working, take a bit of time to work out what the problem is. Only then can you focus on it and solve it. Perhaps you find yourself in stressful situations? Maybe you have a hard time delegating and taking on responsibilities beyond your abilities? Perhaps you need more motivation? Everything always has a solution, so look for it before kicking up a fuss!


  • Talking about politics. Companies are working much more on defining a corporate culture that attracts talent and keeps people that share its philosophy. However, this does not mean that there are no political disagreements between the individuals of the same organization. It’s really best to avoid talking about politics whenever you can, as it’s something very personal and can generate awkward situations and, ultimately, an awful work environment.


  • Both telling jokes and even just joking around if you’re not a natural joker is probably not the best idea. Some jokes can be perceived in a totally different way from your original intention and upset someone, so tread carefully. Needless to say, jokes about racist, sexist or homophobic issues are out of the question (if you’re even exposed to them in the first place, perhaps you should rethink who you’re around!) and at work, there is NO room for these types of attitudes. And by the way, jokes also apply when buying Christmas gifts, and here’s a guide to succeed in these situations.


  • Spreading rumours. Come on, we’re not in the school playground anymore but it still happens and although it should be clear to everyone, it never hurts to be reminded. An important rule of HR in every company is don’t speak badly about co-workers. If you don’t get along with someone, ask yourself what part of you you’re projecting onto them. This will help you stay calm in team dynamics and avoid the temptation to criticize someone. On the other hand, if a co-worker confesses very personal information, you can do two things. Either you keep the secret safe with you, or you communicate it to your managers if you believe that this is how you can help your co-worker. One thing’s for sure, never discuss it with other colleagues because even if you think it’s just chat, it’s still a rumour that could easily generate awkward situations with serious consequences for your company’s morale.


  • Using work hours for “personal things”. Like checking social networks, calling friends or family, shopping online… the company is paying you for your time as well as work. If you’ve finished your tasks ahead of schedule, making a few Christmas purchases (for example) is the last thing you should be doing in your work hours. Be proactive and ask your managers or other departments if they need anything, as they may need you to help them out. Cultivating a holistic vision of the company and taking care of others is a great CEO attitude that will help you to climb the career ladder.


Things you should never say at work


 Mastering language is also a form of attitude at work. Phrases like “this is not my job”, “I don’t have time for this right now” or “it’s not possible” should be avoided in work situations. Their meaning is synonymous with stubbornness and it is very frustrating to have colleagues like that. A potential leader has the ability to adapt to any situation and handle it in a positive way for everyone involved. How can we make a company adaptable to new times if we have individuals anchored in the past forming rigid teams that fail to keep up with change? Instead of using this type of inflexible phrases at work, go for an “ok, I’ll take a look” or “perhaps I can help?” Much more open-minded!

These are just a few of the things you should never do or say at work. Avoiding these types of attitudes will help you harmonise work dynamics and maintain positive environments and strong work teams. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below! Together, we can redefine the present and the future of work. Until next time!


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