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Application & Selection Process


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Should you recommend a friend for a job? 3 things to think about

Check out these pieces of advice when recommending friends for a job. Should you do it? Should you not? Keep reading and find out.  

We all want the best for our friends and of course, this includes a job where they can feel fulfilled. If it hasn’t already happened, there will be occasions throughout your personal and professional life in which a friend seeks work and asks you for help. The question is: should you recommend your friend for a position in your company or put them in touch with someone in the sector? Well, that depends. Knowing your friend personally does not mean knowing them professionally. So when someone asks you to please recommend them for a job, it is better to think twice and reflect on it in the most objective and assertive way possible.


Do any of the following scenarios look like yours? Take note and recommend your friends for a job without getting too involved in the matter: 


# 1 – Have you previously worked with your friend?

You may have a former co-worker who has become one of your greatest friends. In this case, you already know what skills they have and how they perform in the work environment. Should you recommend their profile for a job in your company or someone influential from your contacts? Yes, of course. But beforehand, it is better to be clear that you are simply referring and that the final responsibility in the efficiency and execution of the tasks lies solely and exclusively on your friend. Therefore, you will avoid committing yourself to circumstances that do not depend only on you. Leave this point very clear to your friend and your managers or superiors.


# 2 – Is he or she your lifelong friend?

If that’s the case then you will know them quite well and you’ll know if they are a worthy person for the job they are applying for. In cases which you clearly know that your friend is not the most recommendable person for a certain position, do not commit. Simply offer the contact of the person in HR or the person in charge of selection and avoid getting emotionally involved in this process. That is, do not lie about their skills or exaggerate their CV only for your friend to get the job, because if things do not work out you will have some responsibility and, honestly, you have no need to jeopardize your reputation in your company.


# 3 – Is it a friend of a friend?

If so, you have it much easier. Simply provide the contact email of the person responsible for personnel selection. If this friend of a friend asks you for more information or more involvement in the matter, just answer that you’re sorry and you’re doing everything you can, since you do not have any kind of influence on the process.

The truth is that it is very rewarding to help others as long as we know how to respect our own needs. Dealing with situations such as recommending our friends for a certain job requires practice of strong emotional intelligence that helps us prioritize our professionalism and responsibility to the needs and/or demands of others.


What about you, have you seen yourself in any situation of this kind? Do you have any advice you want to share with us? Write it in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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