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Should I Finish my Degree?The main reasons to do so! 

Discover why finishing your studies is key for your career development.

Should I finish my degree? Good question! If you ever begin questioning whether you should complete your university studies, you’re not alone: we’ve all gone through it before. We know that studying a degree means investing a LOT of time (and money). That’s why at times, we end up wondering if there’s any point in finishing, especially when some recruiters are so demanding of recent graduates and low-skilled jobs can provide pretty good salaries. Here are some reasons you should keep at it and finish your degree, if not now then at least in the near future.


So, if you ask yourself, “Should I finish my degree?”, the answer is yes. It’s a guarantee of a better quality of life 


Studies show that people who start in low-skilled jobs immediately after finishing their degree are more likely to remain in similar positions for the rest of their lives. So, the main reason you should finish your studies is to guarantee your career development.

On one hand, finishing your degree means being able to access higher education (such as postgraduate studies and PhDs) so you can train more specifically in one field. On the other, it means that you can access new (and better) jobs. This obviously has the potential to lead to a higher income. So, you can see that although you’ll be forking out for your studies, the long-term ROI is worth it.

On top of this, being able to finish your degree and do university placements will let you break into the working world and establish important professional contacts you can turn to at any time.


But… What if it’s not really necessary to have a degree for my career development? 


Let’s be honest, the job market is getting more and more competitive, which is why recruiters are searching for the most qualified employees, which is nothing short of the perfect balance between hard and soft skills. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t accept occasional low-skilled jobs, or you can’t change your career if your professional goals have changed, or even that you can’t go your own way! Quite simply, your educational background remains an ace up your sleeve for a better quality of life in the short and medium term.

Of course, depending on your professional goals, finishing your studies may not be necessary. You always have the last word. The best way to know if you should finish them or not is to listen to your values and take it from there. Maybe you were born to be a successful entrepreneur!

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