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Application & Selection Process

Country 'CEOs for One Month'!

10 Finalists

Global 'CEO for One Month'!


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Insights from the world’s top young executives

We’re as passionate about the CEO for One Month programme as we are your future. Plus, the success stories of past finalists can show you the reverse mentoring dynamic in action. As much as the regional and global finalists learnt from our CEOs, the same happened in return.

Progressive networking is about meeting the right people, so we’d like you to meet Ben, Lisa, Mirko, and Sophia – four young executives who are changing the world of work.


From C-Suite to TEDx

Ben Conard, 2019 USA CEO for One Month

After the CEO for One Month programme, Ben continues his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of Five North Chocolate®. This took him to the TEDx stage, as Fairtrade International named him one of the Top 10 Biggest Fair Trade Advocates in the world, and #1 in the U.S.

Ben has the flair of a natural leader, but he reminds us that “leadership can take many different forms”. This message is at the heart of this programme. It all depends on your intelligence mix, and how you catalyse it. Maybe you’re a quiet analyser, or maybe you prefer taking centre stage. Like Ben, if you know your strengths, you can develop more.


Creating future solutions

Lisa Frommhold, 2018 Global CEO for One Month

Innovating is a passion for Lisa, and she stayed with The Adecco Group after her time in the CEO for One Month programme. As a manager in innovation and design, she creates and generates ideas every day, where her journey sheds light on the value of career mentors. Lisa also has a key message regarding the concept of perfection.

In her own words, she no longer believes in being a finished product, but focuses on the company and people she works with. In her work and career approach, she practices prototyping. This way of navigating life combines the ethics of creative agility with practical applications, so the process itself is sustainable in the changing global marketplace.


Enjoying the journey

Mirko Raimondi, 2018 Italian CEO for One Month

Working in the heart of our organization has transformed Mirko’s thinking. He already had a strong start in the innovative world after he won the Amazon Innovation Award in 2017, and his work continues at the Adecco HQ in Zurich.

Before his CEO for One Month experience, a key part of Mirko’s success links to how he overcame doubt. He found that it disappeared after the first week, as the reversed mentoring effect began. This dynamic can help to boost your confidence in new settings. It begins when you share useful knowledge that mentors may not be aware of, and can be the most powerful learning dynamic in the world.


Vision with impact

Sophia Lim, 2019 Global CEO for One Month

If you want to become a future leader, Sophia Lim’s career choices show us how broad perspectives help to power transformation. As experiential learning continues to shape our world, Sophia shapes hers by working in companies like Microsoft, Walt Disney, PwC, and Deloitte.

At Adecco, Sophia shares our drive to create the thought leaders of tomorrow. Having been through the programme – and after working in some of the world’s top Fortune 500 corporations – her approach to working life delivers insight. She uses the CEO perspective within more junior roles, which turns the bigger picture to her advantage.

We hope that you will join us in making the world work for everyone. In this series of articles, we will dive deeper into what each young executive learnt from their experience, and pass this on to you.

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