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creativity in the workplace

How to bring creativity and innovation into the workplace?

The real business philosophy that can lead us to innovation and creativity in the workplace.


The current economic environment is becoming more and more global and dynamic, and is therefore forcing companies to work on their creativity and innovation in order to set themselves apart from the competition. But what is creativity in the workplace? It’s a bit of an abstract concept. So many companies get lost coming up with “creative strategic plans” and end up doing their same routine, or even setting goals that are unrealistic or not really in line with their vision, mission and values. So, how do you integrate creativity and innovation into the workplace? Well, to begin with, stop thinking and start acting! Or, to put it another way: lay down strong foundations where creativity can be born.


Any company that wants to boost creativity in the workplace should keep these things in mind: 


Diverse and inclusive teams. Why? Because promoting inclusion and diversity at work means being able to create teams with different backgrounds that provide different solutions to the same problem. That is to say, the best way to think outside the box (excuse the cliché, you’ll see why!) and bring creativity and innovation into the workplace is to have people who do not belong inside the same box (see?!) and listen to what they have to say. For example, one way to provide creative solutions to specific problems at work would be to organize monthly brainstorming meetings to which everyone is invited.


Individual autonomy. For this, team leaders and supervisors must take a step back from this idea of ​​micromanaging or excessive control. Many times, creativity at work arises from individual entrepreneurship. Therefore, a good leader must let their teams work autonomously and also encourage them to make risky decisions. And, if mistakes are made, just chalk it up to experience, which is part of the learning curve. From mistakes and errors we can also generate creativity and innovation in the workplace. Google knows this very well and offers its employees 20% of their working time to put toward the development of individual projects and ideas. If a telecommunications giant like Google takes this type of action, surely there’s something positive behind it, right?


Office design. This has been an important theme throughout the last couple of centuries. How can we design and maintain creative workspaces? Today, companies that want to boost creativity and innovation at work should have open spaces to encourage collaboration between teams, but also have enclosed spaces so that people who need to get their head down and focus are guaranteed to do so. These types of companies must also have areas for their employees to take a break. They should include comfortable furniture and clean common spaces such as bathrooms and kitchen areas. And of course, working on the design and architecture of a place to offer natural lighting and adequate temperatures are also fundamental requirements. Each of these factors influence, without a doubt, the creativity, innovation and productivity of companies.


Last but certainly not least, you have to take action! It’s useless to come up with actions if they are not carried out later, and so it’ll be practically impossible to cultivate creativity at work if the company does not have a corporate culture that is willing to try out each of creativity’s shapes and sizes.


Have any more ideas on how to encourage creativity and innovation in the workplace? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Until next time!


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