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Application & Selection Process


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Communication is the key to your success as a leader

Communication is well known as one of the most important soft skills on anyone’s path to success in their career. Read on to find out how you can develop good communication skills and be effective in leading on any project.

Communication is the key to any kind of success in a relationship, especially in the workplace, where you can be surrounded by people from very different professional backgrounds and cultures. During your career of leadership that inspires, developing excellent communication skills will help you encourage people to do their job by motivating them, rather than controlling them or micromanaging.


4 fundamentals for developing effective leadership communication


  • Don’t take anything for granted and make sure that everything you say is clear. You will achieve clarity in your communication by knowing exactly what you want to say, why and to whom. Ask yourself: what is the main requirement in this message? Identify it and say it according to your listener. Who are they? Is this the first time I am addressing this matter? Are they going to understand the technicalities? Do they need to be introduced to the context? This point applies to conversations, speeches and emails and is key to successfully manage projects.


  • Take care of the ‘how’ by taking care of your body language. Non-verbal communication in the workplace is as important as verbal communication. When addressing your colleagues or employees, make sure that your arms are open, you make eye contact with others and smile. If you are under pressure or you are communicating negative feedback, avoid emotions. You really want your team to perform well, so take a breath and try to communicate the company’s needs in the most positive way, despite the circumstances.


  • Ask if your team or co-workers have any doubts, pay attention to the points of view and perspectives of others and listen to what they have to say. You are the leader, yes. But this doesn’t mean you know everything. So, show your humble attitude and be ready to learn from others. Humility at work is one of the most required skills to cultivate leadership communication and become the inspiring leader everyone wants to work for.


  • Put your leadership communication skills in practice. We all know the theory, but practice means everything in the labor market. And here for the great news: now, you can learn everything about leadership communication and management, from inside a Fortune 500 Company. The ‘CEO for One Month’ program of the Adecco Group is back this 2019 to provide you with all the necessary skills to become a successful leader. A great experience to boost your professional career right from the beginning. Apply now here! The registration process will end very soon! Wishing you luck!
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