Application & Selection Process

Country 'CEOs for One Month'!

Application & Selection Process

Country 'CEOs for One Month'!


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Boost your LinkedIn power with the Social Selling Index

The Social Selling Index (SSI) was developed by analysing the behaviours of over 5,000 top-performing sales professionals. These findings were then used to create a free tool that helps to boost your LinkedIn performance.

As the global leader in HR solutions, we want to make sure that you have the best tools at your disposal. Plus, it’s essential to understand how digitalisation is transforming the world of work. Future leaders are now leveraging data earlier, to develop in the following areas:

  • Brand establishment
  • Finding the right people
  • Insight engagement
  • Relationship building



Enhancing your future

Just like a professional agency, you need to know how well you’re performing by using specific KPIs. Each area is scored from 1 to 25, and 100 is a perfect score. You might say, ‘Sure, but I’m not an agency!’ The truth is, everyone sells. From interns to lifelong CEOs, this tool is essential if you want to stay ahead in a data-driven landscape.


Improving your SSI

Your SSI is visible only to you, and the benefit is twofold. First, you get to understand your profile from an objective hiring perspective. Second, you can become more visible to market influencers by implementing changes where required. If you’re logged in to your profile, you can access it here.


Establishing your professional brand

Each of the following elements should be completed to establish the foundation of your brand:

  • Your photo
  • Headline
  • Industry and location
  • Your current position with a description
  • Two past positions
  • Vocational skills (at least three)
  • Education
  • Summary
  • At least 50 connections


You can also post status updates and publish articles (see How to open doors by publishing on LinkedIn). This improves chances of engagement with your audience and gives you an advantage over less active profiles.


Find the right people

Always know your audience. LinkedIn has a powerful search tool, and you should check who has reviewed your profile as well. This provides insight into your prospective audience. They can be anyone from hiring managers to market influencers.

Check out the ‘X people viewed your profile in the last 15 days’ notification to see who is being attracted to your profile. When you know how they found you, you can customise your profile to expand on related keywords (e.g. USPs in your skillset).


Engage with insights

This is the most commonly underdeveloped area of an SSI. The easiest way to improve it is by sharing insights that aren’t self-serving. If you bring value to your networks by publishing content, participating in LinkedIn Groups, and sharing knowledge, the interest in your profile will increase.

LinkedIn defines this score by measuring the number of shares, likes, and comments that posts receive. This performance indicator shows us the value of initiating professional relationships via industry-specific communications, and how maintaining them can be mutually beneficial.


Build strong relationships

With over 500 million users, you will need to build trust through organic approaches before most users will accept your connection request. The best strategies are sharing insights via publishing or commenting in a community with shared interests.

Daily engagement is the best way to raise your overall SSI score. Just 10 minutes per day can help to build relationships and help you to network with decision makers.


Continue progressing

More than just a static set of data, the SSI is a dynamic feedback system that helps you to identify productive behaviours. This helps you to quantify your effectiveness, and inform your next move.

If you want to see how more advanced members are doing, why not check out the People in your Industry and People in your Network sections? These graphs show you their performance mix in the four main areas being measured.




Make your brand succeed

To match the global pace of change, it’s essential to use and adopt the digital tools in your grasp. So now that you’re aware of the SSI, why not log in to see how you can boost it?



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