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Country 'CEOs for One Month'!

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Advance your career skills with virtual volunteering

Where were you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? This will be a common question in the future, as we share our experiences.

As we see heroic efforts being carried out by frontline workers, the number of people wishing to volunteer has also increased. This is not without issues of course, due to the necessity for social distancing and protective equipment. This has helped to drive a niche area of support work: virtual volunteering.

If you want to know how you can help your community—both local and global—while following safety protocols, virtual volunteering is an answer. Plus, you still have the reality of your career path. During the crisis and beyond, there’s a vast array of online volunteering roles that can help to develop your skill set. Let’s look at three different roles and their related benefits.


#1 Link your skills

Many people seek out volunteer roles that link with overall career interests. It’s also important that they fit with your schedule. Micro volunteering allows you to carry out bitesize tasks without committing to a regular pattern of work, which is excellent if you’re uncertain about how much time you can promise, but you still want to contribute.


#2 Share your vision

Technology has revolutionised how we can help a blind or low-vision person. By using a live video call, you can now help people to lead more independent lives. You can assist with a range of different problems, from reading instructions, to navigating new surroundings, or any of the many tasks we often take for granted.


#3 Map the world

You can help organisations to create maps so that relief groups like the Red Cross have the resources they need. By using satellite images and drawing tools, volunteers help to map remote areas that may not have been covered before. This is a good choice if you have a taste for navigation, and you’re interested in more technical positions.


Drive new solutions

The acceleration in how we use technology has equipped us with new tools and strategies. It’s natural for future leaders to seek out ways in which they can help, and this will be evident to hiring managers. For every virtual volunteering role, there is a set of skills that will empower those who you’re helping as well as your future prospects.

Your career growth is still key during these challenging times, and there are thousands of opportunities for you to use your tech skills. You can also remedy the effects that

quarantine and isolation can have, by contacting the vast array of available professional organizations.

Every organisation seeking virtual volunteers is at your fingertips. Once you have thought about what skills you can offer, you can think about which organisations can benefit from them. No matter what your skill set is, there’s a group out there you’ll resonate with—all you have to do is reach out and make contact!


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