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5 ideas to keep up motivation in the workplace

Find out how to love your job day by day and lead others to do so with these 5 key ideas.  

Routine, mechanical processes and lack of feedback can generate a lack of motivation to work. However, creating and maintaining motivation at work is key to building trust (towards oneself and towards others) and boosting productivity. In the world of work, some people find motivation comes from economic incentives, others prefer recognition based on results and others enjoy leading. Therefore, applying general techniques to motivate employees may not be as effective on all people or in all companies. The following ideas will help you establish the right working conditions so you and your colleagues end up loving your work and are always ready to face a new workday with enthusiasm!


The fundamental way to keep up motivation at work is to start from the micro to the macro. Find out how with these 5 ideas 


  1. Inspire mutual knowledge. When it comes to promoting your own motivation and that of your co-workers, it’s important to exchange needs, concerns and goals, both personal and professional. This process works both ways, so it’s vital that you know how to communicate effectively by knowing what to say, when to say it, and how. Therefore, it’s essential to work on emotional intelligence so you know when someone needs recognition in individual or group meetings, or whether they prefer autonomy or need constant support and feedback, for example. This leads us on to the next point…


  1. Work on assertive feedback, as this is imperative to maintain motivation in any type of job. Knowing how to offer and receive feedback in the workplace is one of the keys to grow professionally. Think about it: who doesn’t want to work with someone who values ​​individual needs and celebrates results?


  1. Maintain a positive work environment so that motivation doesn’t deteriorate. For this, not only must you put what has been discussed so far into practice, but it’s also necessary to establish certain standards such as respecting daily breaks, scheduling team-building activities, offering courses and various training sessions. Here’s some simple advice to maintain a positive work environment and encourage motivation: make it a habit to say “good morning” at the beginning of each day, and a “goodbye, thanks for your work” (or words to that effect) at the end of the day. Why? Although people receive economic compensation in exchange for their time, we must not forget that they are still giving us their time. They could give it to any other person, company or even choose not to give it to anyone. “Thanks for your work” is synonymous with “thanks for dedicating your time to this team and to this company”. Very motivating! Don’t you think?


  1. Encourage teamwork. While it’s true that there are people who are more autonomous, with the arrival of millennials and Gen Z the reality of the labor market is changing. This situation raises the preference of horizontal structures instead of a hierarchy, inspiration versus power and teamwork versus autonomy, so to maintain motivation among your co-workers it’s necessary to include teamwork as a way to achieve objectives.


  1. Set realistic goals. Of course, nothing commented so far will help in the motivation of staff and teams if the goals that are established, month by month, are impossible to achieve. Working with humility will not only help you become a great leader, it will also help you set achievable goals and, therefore, celebrate results. There is nothing more motivating at work than seeing that your time has been fruitful.


Any suggestions to share with us on how to keep up motivation in the workplace? Drop us a comment below and together we can reshape the future of work!

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